NDIS Innovative Community Participation

NDIS Innovative Community Participation

The NDIS Innovative Community Participation program is a great way for people with disabilities to get involved in their community. This program provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in activities that they may not otherwise have the chance to do.

This can include things like volunteering, participating in sports, and other community events. The program also helps to connect people with disabilities to the services and supports that they need. This can help people with disabilities to live more independently and be more engaged in their community.

Why You Need Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation is an NDIS support service that enables participants to develop all the skills needed to actively participate in society.

We do our best in this support service to assist participants in broadening their horizons and bringing innovations to contribute to their personal growth through community participation.

Benefit Of Innovative Community Participation

We collaborate closely with the participants to ensure that they benefit from the Innovative Community Participation program, such as:

Why Choose Best Option?

Amazing NDIS Experience

We tailor our services to the needs of participants. These services range from living at home to supported independent living.

Family Friendly

Families are a participant’s main emotional support, so we communicate with them regularly. Contact us today.

Protecting Vulnerable People

At Best Option, we train our staff to provide the best NDIS services to all participants. 

Personnel Team

Each participant has a suitable support worker or support coordinator according to the chosen service.

Diverse Staff

Our support worker team come from a culturally and linguistically diverse group. Contact us for more information.

Support-trained Staff

Staff professionally trained to provide independent living support and other NDIS services.


Friendly Staff

We have friendly staff and are ready to assist you with NDIS. You can contact us to get free initial consultation


Our management provides high-quality services and a team of professionals who have excellent sector connections.


Links with complementary supports, such as a large network of healthcare professionals who specialise in the health field.

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With Best Option, take the next step to your great NDIS experience. Feel free to contact us at 0483 232 666, Best Option is here to answer any questions you may have.