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We are an NDIS provider in Perth, WA that aims to help you live independently and confidently, gain independence, engage in their community, and enjoy life. We provide assistance and care to people with disabilities and their families.

With Best Option, you can find and hire reliable support workers almost anywhere across Perth.

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How We Help You

Call us at 0483 232 666 or send us an email to speak with one of our helpful NDIS Care Consultants

We want to meet you in person so that you can feel confident to entrust yourself with our services at Best Option.

Get ready. We will take care of it and you will receive the best support service from Best Option according to what you need.

Why Choose Best Option?

Amazing NDIS Experience

We tailor our services to the needs of participants. These services range from living at home to supported independent living.

Family Friendly

Families are a participant’s main emotional support, so we communicate with them regularly. Contact us today.

Protecting Vulnerable People

At Best Option, we train our staff to provide the best NDIS services to all participants. 

Personnel Team

Each participant has a suitable support worker or support coordinator according to the chosen service.

Diverse Staff

Our support worker team come from a culturally and linguistically diverse group. Contact us for more information.

Support-trained Staff

Staff professionally trained to provide independent living support and other NDIS services.


Friendly Staff

We have friendly staff and are ready to assist you with NDIS. You can contact us to get free initial consultation


Our management provides high-quality services and a team of professionals who have excellent sector connections.


Links with complementary supports, such as a large network of healthcare professionals who specialise in the health field.

Best Option Is Here To Brighten Your Day!

With Best Option, take the next step to your great NDIS experience. Feel free to contact us at 0483 232 666, Best Option is here to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions About NDIS

  • Age – you must be under the age of 65.
  • Australian citizen, permanent resident, or holder of a Protected Special Category Visa.
  • Have a physical, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, visual, hearing, or psychosocial impairment that meets the requirements for disability or early intervention. It must be a permanent and significant disability that interferes with your daily life.

Your NDIS plan may include funding for one of three types of support budgets:

  • Core supports
  • Capacity building supports
  • Capital supports

There are three options for managing your NDIS plan.

Self-management of funding

The NDIA provides funding so that you can access the supports that will best help you achieve your objectives. You must buy supports, manage your funding, pay providers on time, keep invoices, track your funds, and understand the NDIS portal and how to make claims.

Plan-managed funding

The NDIA will provide funding in your plan to pay for a Plan Manager, who will pay your providers on your behalf, assist you in keeping track of funds, and handle financial reporting for you. You can receive supports from both registered and non-registered NDIS service providers.

NDIA managed funding.

After providing you with assistance, service providers claim directly from the NDIA. Your providers are paid on your behalf by the NDIA. In this option, you can only use registered NDIS providers.

NDIS registered service provider is a provider that has been approved by National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to deliver support to NDIS participants whilst unregistered providers may have not received approval yet or they may choose not to register with the NDIS. Registered providers can deliver some services that unregistered providers can’t, including Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Supported Independent Living (SIL), Plan Management, behaviour support or behaviour management plans, as well as supports that involve any restrictive practices. 

This depends on how your NDIS funding is managed, as not all participants can use unregistered providers. If your plan is plan managed or self managed you can use both unregistered and registered service providers. If your plan is agency (NDIA) managed, then you can only use registered providers.

Having the flexibility to choose from both registered and unregistered service providers is one of the many reasons why people chose to use a plan manager. Plan Management allows them to continue accessing their trusted provider they’re familiar with, even if they’re not NDIS registered.